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Is osteoporosis a disability in the UK? As osteoporosis (low bone density) does not cause any pain or symptoms it does not automatically qualify as a disability. There are still other conditions that people need to meet to be awarded various benefits even if they are non-contributory, such as age, having a disability or being resident in Great Britain.
How can osteoporosis be prevented? Ensure a nutritious diet and adequate calcium intake. Avoid under-nutrition, particularly the effects of severe weight-loss diets and eating disorders. Maintain an adequate supply of vitamin D. Participate in regular weight-bearing activity.
What is the best calcium supplement to take for osteoporosis? The two most commonly used calcium products are calcium carbonate and calcium citrate. Calcium carbonate supplements dissolve better in an acid environment, so they should be taken with a meal.
What can I take naturally for osteoporosis? Several natural interventions promote increased bone health. These include sufficient consumption of bone-supportive nutrients through healthy eating and nutritional supplements, including calcium, magnesium, vitamin D, boron, strontium, soy isoflavones, and vitamin K.
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